Outdoor smash cake photography. Too Stinking Cute!

Wild & One First Birthday Ideas

Wild & One First Birthday Ideas   Oh wow. My sweet, feisty little girl is 1. Let's Celebrate!   1 going on 20. I tried to think of what she might like to remember her first birthday by. She won't remember how amazing the cake tasted. She won't remember the hours I spent on her DIY party decorations. I hope she will LOVE these adorable photos of herself.     Little Miss Abigail is my youngest. Which means I've planned other 1st birthday parties (not to mention LOADS of weddings). I am a seasoned pro when it comes to shoveling cake in your mouth. Lol.   My main priority was photography. I wanted some really cute photos of my cake smashing kiddo. I cut way back on all the other decor...

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15 Stocking Stuffers For The Bride Under $15 | I am loving these wedding planning stocking stuffers! | by www.HelloBride.com

15 Stocking Stuffers, For The Bride Under $15

15 Stocking Stuffers, For The Bride Under $15   You need some stocking stuffer ideas for the bride in your life! We have searched high and low to bring you 15 fun wedding planning stocking stuffers your bride will love. All you have to do is pick her favorites.   1. Bride To Be Stemless Wine Glass Wedding planning can be a little stressful. This gorgeous piece of glassware is sure to help any bride wind down after a long day of wedding planning. Get It At Amazon | $13.95   2. Chic White Fringe Earrings Each of these earring are individually made by hand. We would love to have them dangling from our ears. Get them before we do! Get These At Bespoke Inna Design | $13.45   3. Define Mini, Flavor-Infusing Water Bottle Wether it is...

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Wedding Advice From Our Real Brides | Real wedding planning advice from newlyweds. Enjoy Being Engaged! | by www.HelloBride.com

Wedding Advice, Enjoy Being Engaged

Wedding Advice, Enjoy Being Engaged   Somewhere in the world right now there is a newly married bride who went through the exact same thing you are going through right now. A version of you excited, worried, ticked off, wanting to share, happy as all get out, making decisions, so happy she could cry or just wants to cry. We decided to talk to that bride, because just maybe she could give you some great advice.   Allow us to introduce, the bride, Renee Lynn!     We hope her real wedding story will help and inspire you while planning yours.   The Bride | Renee Lynn The Groom | Anthony The Date | June 4th 2016 Location | Long Island Photographer | Paul Marino Photography   This interview had been edited and condensed for clarity.   Q...

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Real Weddings | Real Wedding Planning Tips For The Bride To Be | www.HelloBride.com

Wedding Planning Tip # 101

Wedding Planning Tip # 101   That's right ladies. I have cracked the guy code. The key to getting what you want when it comes to the ring, wedding planning, marriage and more can be found in the sentences below.     In case you had not heard women are from Venus and men are from some other plant. Is my age showing? Feel free to ask the MOB if you didn't get that reference. The short of it is your man cannot read your mind. Guys just don't understand subtle. If there is something you want while planning your wedding you are not going to be able to will him get it. If there is something you need in your marriage you can't expect him to just know. I have found...

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Love This! 1 Carat Raw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring It is 14k White Gold and only $1050.00 on Etsy | Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Your Bride by www.HelloBride.com

Buying Your Bride “The Ring”

Buying Your Bride "The Ring"   A jeweler may be able to explain cut, color, clarity and carats, but you must capture her heart.  There are endless beautiful options for engagement rings now days. Doing some investigating will pay off big when you pop the question!   Point No Point Studio | 14k White Gold Raw Diamond & White Diamonds | $1050   1. Your Bride's Wedding Ring Style   Her style is probably reflected in the type of jewelry she currently wears. Look for clues.   What type of jewelry does she wear most often traditional, modern, vintage, or artsy? What she wears most often is probably where her heart is.   Does she fancy platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or two tone? This is so important. She may not particularly care for a...

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