Buying Your Bride “The Ring”

Buying Your Bride “The Ring”


A jeweler may be able to explain cut, color, clarity and carats, but you must capture her heart.  There are endless beautiful options for engagement rings now days. Doing some investigating will pay off big when you pop the question!


Love This! 1 Carat Raw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring It is 14k White Gold and only $1050.00 on Etsy | Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Your Bride by

Point No Point Studio | 14k White Gold Raw Diamond & White Diamonds | $1050

1. Your Bride’s Wedding Ring Style


Her style is probably reflected in the type of jewelry she currently wears. Look for clues.


  • What type of jewelry does she wear most often traditional, modern, vintage, or artsy? What she wears most often is probably where her heart is.


  • Does she fancy platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or two tone? This is so important. She may not particularly care for a certain color. The wrong color may not go with the jewelry she already owns.


  • Does she want a solitary diamond, another type of stone (something less traditional) or possibly a unique setting?


  • She may have dropped clues. Pay Attention!!!


Raw Crystal Engagement Ring Aqua Wedding Ring

Little Sycamore | Copper & Apatite Crystals | $60


Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring www.HelloBride.comHelzberg Diamonds | Yellow & White Diamond | $8,499

Simple Handcrafted 14k Solid Rose Gold Engagement Ring |

Envero Jewelry | Rose Gold & White Diamond | $490


2. Your Bride’s Expectations for her Wedding Ring

Is she the type that wants to be surprised or does would she prefer have a pretty good idea what she may be getting? Every girl wants to think her ring is unique so do your best to make her feel like you put some effort into selecting “The Ring”. Is a perfect stone important to your bride? If so take into consideration what the stone looks like with the naked eye but consult a reputable jeweler. Don’t forget presentation is everything!!!


Tiffany & Co, Princess Cut Engagement Ring | How to choose "The Ring" by


Tiffany & Co. | 1.2 Ct Diamond | $9,950


Beautiful Antique Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring, 1910s Edwardian Engagement Ring Size 6 | Buying The Ring by


Fergusons Fine Jewelry | Antique Platinum Pearl & Diamond | $1,250


Classic Diamond Engagement Ring | How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring by www.HelloBride.comHurst Diamonds | 14k Rose Gold & 3/4 Ct Diamond | $2,950


3. Your Wedding Ring Budget


Rule of thumb is two months of your salary but it’s really up to you. Here are a couple of tips for staying within your engagement ring budget.

Fewer engagements are in the summer and you may get a better deal during the off season. Typically more couples get engaged around the holidays. Have a budget in mind before you shop that way they can show you rings that fit within your budget. Do go to a reputable jeweler that has been in business for sometime. Purchase insurance to protect your purchase.

Go for it and find the perfect wedding ring!!!!


Start Planning Today!


Jennifer Ledgerwood

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