Wedding Planning Tip # 101

Wedding Planning Tip # 101


That’s right ladies. I have cracked the guy code. The key to getting what you want when it comes to the ring, wedding planning, marriage and more can be found in the sentences below.


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In case you had not heard women are from Venus and men are from some other plant. Is my age showing? Feel free to ask the MOB if you didn’t get that reference. The short of it is your man cannot read your mind. Guys just don’t understand subtle. If there is something you want while planning your wedding you are not going to be able to will him get it. If there is something you need in your marriage you can’t expect him to just know. I have found a better way to get exactly what you want, including “THE RING”.


Case in point. As I set here on the couch watching “Lip Sync Battles” and writing this blog my husband is calmly munching on an ice pop. Yes we have children. No we don’t tell them who ate all their ice pops while they were asleep. Shhh . . . hhhh. The dog did it. The problem is he didn’t get me one. Rude! Maybe if I sit here and stare longingly at said ice pop he will get me one. Nope. I’ll try saying, “That looks tasty, babe”. “It’s strawberry” he says. Now he is just trying to make me mad. What is wrong with my husband?!?! Doesn’t he know I want an ice pop too?


Lets try a novel approach. I say, “Babe, can you get me one to?” “Sure, what flavor?” he asks. WHAT!!! That’s right ladies. I have cracked the guy code. Just tell them what you want. Maybe have a conversation. Talk to each other. No need to thank me.


Wedding Planning Tip # 101 – Talk about what you want.


Keep in mind this particular tip works best when both parties use it. Now lets talk about that “RING”! If you want a specific piece of ice on that ring finger, you are going to have to tell him. Somehow. He is not spending his free hours perusing your Pinterest boards. He did not notice earlier today when you subtly left Brides magazine by the loo and open to page 32.

So, brides to be, you need to have a conversation with your fiancé. Your other option is to call your BFF and invite her to lunch. Hand her a photo of “THE RING.” Make sure the store’s name, address, phone number and ring price are listed. Write a note in one of those thick Sharpies saying, “This is THE RING I want”. Sign it. Have it notarized. Then, have your BFF give this to your future groom.


I have to admit I was not really a ring kind of gal. I was happy with a conversation about gold (insert sad face) vs any other color (insert happy face). Don’t worry. There were loads of other details that were oh so important to me. I had to actually talk to him about those things. To this day I sometimes expect my poor husband to read my mind instead of just telling him what it is I want. I have to pause and remember men are from . . . some other planet. They can’t read our minds.

Jennifer Ledgerwood

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