Wedding Advice, Enjoy Being Engaged

Wedding Advice, Enjoy Being Engaged


Somewhere in the world right now there is a newly married bride who went through the exact same thing you are going through right now. A version of you excited, worried, ticked off, wanting to share, happy as all get out, making decisions, so happy she could cry or just wants to cry. We decided to talk to that bride, because just maybe she could give you some great advice.


Allow us to introduce, the bride, Renee Lynn!


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We hope her real wedding story will help and inspire you while planning yours.


The Bride | Renee Lynn

The Groom | Anthony

The Date | June 4th 2016

Location | Long Island

Photographer | Paul Marino Photography


This interview had been edited and condensed for clarity.


Q . How did Anthony propose?


We live on Long Island. He took me out to Greenport, which is the north fork of the island. We stayed for a weekend. They have wineries, and some amazing things there. We went to the Greenport brewery and did some other touristy things.


The morning he proposed I went for a run. Then, he went out for a run. We had four women staying next to us for a birthday. What I didn’t know was he asked them: “Are you going to be free around 7 o’clock tonight? I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I want pictures of it happening.” Of course they said yes, and were so excited.


I had no idea.


We went down to the private beach where we were staying. He asked me if we should take some pictures because the sun was setting. There was this beautiful scenery behind us. I said sure because we love taking pictures.


He asked these women nearby: “Would you mind taking pictures?” It was pretty elaborate. There was one women right beside us. There was another women with a DSLR camera taking pictures far away. I didn’t see her. It was funny. We were taking pictures and he kept repositioning us. I’m like what are you doing? It doesn’t matter where the sun is. Do we look nice in the pictures? That’s all that matters.


Then, he comes to face me. He says I love you. I say I love you two. He got down on one knee. I started crying immediately. He said I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, a couple things in the middle I do not remember. The part that made me laugh was when he promised he would never be a Yankees fan. That’s what I am and he’s a Mets fan. He had the ring and said Renee Lynn will you marry me? I said, “Yes!”


I said, “Yes!”


I loved the pictures they took. There’s one where I have one hand out, pointed in whatever direction, and I have one hand to my heart like, Oh My God, this is happening. They caught that, Oh My God, moment. It was special to have those pictures. I knew exactly what was going through my mind in each moment. It couldn’t have been any better.


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Q . Tell us a little about your wedding.


We had a mishmash theme of beach and country. My centerpieces were just 3 mason jars with seashells in them. We had candles and little hydrangea bulbs around those. That was it. I didn’t want anything over the top. It was very simple.


Three things were really important photographer, DJ and my car. The one detail I really wanted was a 1955 Rolls-Royce. It’s an old classic car. And I got that. That was important.


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Q . The best wedding planning advice you received.


The best advice I received was to remember that it was my day. Whatever stress was going on, it was my day. I needed to remember to enjoy everything. I needed to just soak the entire day in. It was hard.

Try not to worry about all the little details. If something is late. If something didn’t work out how you wanted. As long as it wasn’t detrimental to how your day went. You just gotta go with it.

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Q . How do you really feel about wedding planning?


(Lots of laughter!) I loved it because I had 2 years to plan it. I wasn’t really stressed. (More laughter.) There were some things I was stressed with, more the money aspect.

I liked that I didn’t have a time crunch. I had free reign over florist, flowers, hair, makeup . . . everything. I didn’t have to rush. I didn’t have to say I’m getting married in 11 months I need to book A B C D now! Then, poor out all of this money.

It was definitely beneficial to have 2 years to plan everything. To save money, put a deposit down and in a couple more months give them more money. It was probably the least stressed that you could be during wedding planning. Not really relaxed but less stressed. It was nice.


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Q . Important lessons you learned along the way.


It all comes out during wedding planning.


You find out who your true friends and family are and who they aren’t. You find out who will be there when you really need them. When you are getting married you want your closest friends and family members to be there. You will realize who is selfish, who does not care about your feelings, who cares about themselves more. You find out the real side of everybody. Luckily I didn’t have the family members part. I had the friend’s part.


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Q . What if anything would you do differently?


Funny enough. I would probably go for the more modern Rolls-Royce just to have the air conditioner. In my 1955 beautiful carriage Rolls-Royce I was freakin’ dying.


My wedding was in June. I was a beautiful day. It was supposed to rain, but didn’t. It was soooo hottttt! It was probably in the high 70s. I was dying in my dress. The car didn’t have AC. It just had windows and a fan that blew air. In that moment I wanted the modern car to have AC. (Giggles)

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Q . What advice would you give a newly engaged bride?


Enjoy your engagement. Don’t worry about planning right away. Don’t worry about all the stupid questions everyone is going to ask you. Like did you set a date yet? Do you know where you want to get married? Do you know what dress you are going to wear? Just say I don’t know yet. You just got engaged like 2 minutes ago.


Enjoy being engaged.


Just enjoy the engagement. Relax. Enjoy being engaged. Enjoy calling him your fiancée. Don’t worry about planning and panicking right away. Give it a month.

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Q . Why did you choose your wedding date?


When Anthony and I were looking at rings I told him that I wanted to get married on June 4th 2016. He asked why. I said, that’s the day my mom’s grandparents were married. They were married for 50 years. They made it through 6 kids and a whole bunch of other crap. Everybody had one car and one bathroom. The wedding date was one thing I always knew.

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Q . Your favorite memory of your wedding day.


I am an anxious person. I don’t like people looking at me. It is your wedding day. I knew obviously everyone is going to be looking at the bride and the groom. Especially, when they open the church doors and everyone is staring at ME. A little like oh my, I’m going to die. I asked him if we could do a first look.

I know it’s not traditional, but it was perfect. I got to spend about half an hour with him. I got to see him. I got to say hi. He made me laugh. We had our photographer. We took a couple of pictures together. It was nice that we weren’t rushed.

My favorite part was definitely our first look. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around. It was my favorite moment. Seeing his face when he turned around and saw me was definitely my favorite part.

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