4 Valuable Lessons Learned by a Newlywed Bride

Written by Christina R. Miller


4 Valuable Lessons Learned by a Newlywed Bride


Somewhere in the world right now there is a newlywed bride who went through the exact same thing you are going through right now. A version of you excited, worried, ticked off, wanting to share, happy as all get out, making decisions, so happy she could cry or just wants to cry. We decided to talk to that bride, because just maybe she could give you some great advice. Here are 4 valuable lessons learned by a newlywed bride.


Allow us to introduce, the bride, Christina!


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We hope her real wedding planning advice will help and inspire you while planning yours.


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Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is one of the most outstanding and extraordinary moments of life!  Am I right, future brides?  Certainly it is one of those days to remember forever.  I recall my proposal exactly and every word stated out of my now husband’s mouth. Even if you know it is coming nothing can prepare you for that moment. Nothing.  Every single second you are on cloud nine and just can’t stop staring at your left hand in the days that follow. People congratulate you and it is euphoric! If you’re lucky enough this phase lasts awhile before the wedding planning pressure begins.


Getting Engaged - 4 Valuable Lessons Learned by a Newlywed Bride


It starts with a simple question from a friend or an extended family member “did you guys set a date yet?” Suddenly, the stress of getting wedding details just right, being the perfect bride and looking like it, and leaving all of guests raving after a reception might be looming on you. You now realize this process involves a lot more than pure joy and “on top of the world” emotions.

Wedding planning is complicated


Tackling wedding planning pressure and how to move forward from a past bride-to-be | by www.HelloBride.com

I was thrilled to start planning all of the details of my wedding but looking back I don’t know how I did it. I am completely deaf as of 2012 (33 years old) and over the years I have adopted several other physical limitations due to a rare neurological disorder. Can you imagine that planning process for me? It’s ok to laugh with me about this. Wedding planning is complicated enough but for me it was REALLY complicated.  I couldn’t simply make phone calls when I needed to and had to make some modifications to what is considered the typical process. Truthfully, I did have some help especially from my mom and sister (although I was the driving force of it all). 
My wedding was beautifully coordinated in the end and as close to “normal” as possible.  However, the entire process drew a very clear and big picture of what REALLY matters throughout this special time. To all future brides- here are 4 valuable lessons I learned that are useful in keeping the wedding planning process and the big day in perspective:


Planning a wedding with a rare neurological disorder or while deaf and other wedding tips from a newlywed bride | by www.HelloBride.com


1. Make the Plans- Follow through- Let Go

Do the best you can with planning one wedding detail at a time and then let go of the outcome. Take if from a newlywed bride you don’t want to look back on such an important part of your life and remember it as ridiculously stressful where you were worried constantly about everything turning out just right. There is only so much you can control planning wise and if something random were to happen that day or not turn out as expected, manage it with a smile on your face and in your heart.


Make wedding plans, follow through, let the rest go and more day of tips from a past bride | by www.HelloBride.com


2. Plan Accordingly to be Comfortable on the Big Day

By the second half of my reception I had my walker out and my hair up.  Plus I had one of my eyes patched. Several of you might be reading this right now thinking “I’m not disabled” but don’t miss the main message that comfort=happiness=beauty=fabulousness.  Put your comfort and happiness first and never second guess that. A simple example of this most brides can relate to: don’t walk around in wedding shoes that are killing your feet all day and night even if they look beautiful!


Be comfortable on your wedding day and other tips from a bride to be | by www.HelloBride.com


3. Don’t Try to Please Everyone

You’re surrounded by love the day of your wedding- not only the love of your future partner but by all of the people who adore you in this life and want the absolute best for you. You can’t beat that audience! With this said there will likely be someone who isn’t pleased with your wedding details- too bad- it’s not their wedding day, it’s yours! Keep in mind that it isn’t realistic to please everyone 100%. If you are content – it is all that matters.


Don't try to please everyone and other valuable lessons from a newlywed bride | by www.HelloBride.com


4. Know the Day is PERFECT No Matter What

Despite any obstacles you have overcome in life- and any obstacles you encounter during the wedding planning process- your wedding day will be perfect. Absolutely perfect.  It will be the most beautiful, incredible, and magical day.  You know why? You are going to be “bride-status” and marrying your eternal love!


Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfect, Making Your Wedding Perfect, You Are Getting Married To The Love Of Your Life | by www.HelloBride.com

Here’s to making your engagement and wedding infinitely exceptional!

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