5 Wedding Emergency Kits That Might Save Your Big Day

5 Wedding Emergency Kits That Might Save Your Big Day


Brides, it never hurts to be prepared with a wedding emergency kit! I have been a planner at enough weddings to know something is not going to go as expected. Trust me when I say this, “That is okay.”


When you look back at your wedding day you will not remember the table arrangement debacle. You will not remember your flower girls started singing like it was an American Idol audition halfway down the aisle. Well, that is pretty cute, you might remember that one. What you will remember is getting married to the person you love.


5 Wedding Emergency Kits That Just Might Save Your Big Day, Wedding survival kits for the bride, groom and wedding party. There is something for everyone here.

That being said on the day of your wedding the simplest tear on your wedding dress can feel like a MAJOR emergency. Being prepared with a wedding emergency kit for these little things will put your mind at ease. Helping you get to the good parts like, “I Do!” Why not just have a few essentials on hand? We have searched the internet to find the very best wedding emergency and survival kits. Here are our top 5 favorites!

Fun Wedding Survival Kits in Multiple Colors. Makes a great day of bridesmaid gift!

1. Something Fun Wedding Survival Kits


Oh la la! Ladies these are some seriously fun wedding survival kits. A Sunday Wedding offers 2 color options: something blue and classic. We are loving the classic bag as a bridesmaid gift. With vibrant colors and a crazy fun design your bridesmaids will be rushing over to fix emergencies in style.

Each Kit Contains: Manicure Set, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Scissors, Nail File, 4 Hair Ties, 8 Bobby Pins, Paper clothing tape, 12 Oil Absorbing Wipes, Sewing Kit, Cute Bag

Get Your Something Blue Survival Kit or Classic Survival Kit | $24.00


Top 5 Bridal Mini Emergency Kit, Survival kits for your wedding day.

2. Bridal Mini Emergency Kit


This is our pick for must have. It covers all the basic wedding emergencies. From tears to headaches this sparkly little bag has you covered! The mini-emergency kit contains: Adhesive bandage, Pain Reliever, Breath drops, Mending Kit, Dental floss, Safety Pin, Double Sided Tape, Extra Wedding Bands, Antacid, Clear Nail Polish, Deodorant Towelette, Clear Elastics, Tampon, Emery Board, Bobby pins, Mini Blotting Tissues, Facial tissue, Nail Polish Remover Pad

If you add a couple extra safety pins, clear packing tape and your favorite lip gloss we think you will be all set.

Get It At Francescas.com | $18.00


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3. Bridesmaid Pocket Size Survival Kit


Don’t these look crazy fun! We think they would make a really cute wedding day present for your bridesmaids. These bridesmaid survival kits are unfilled which means you can add whatever you like. We are thinking a special note to each of your bridesmaids, maybe a photo of the two of you, a stick of gum and a gift card for a foot massage the day after. Lol. Their feet will say thank you!

Get These At Sweet Talk Designs | $3.90


Bride's Survival Kit Bag, Ready to be filled with Wedding Day Essentials, Brides Wedding Gift, Funny Bride Gift

4. DIY Bride’s Emergency Survival Kit


Bride’s to be, please meet your new wedding day best friend. The Bride’s emergency survival kit bag. This adorable clutch is empty and spacious. You could pack a lunch in this cutie. It is ready to be filled with all the incredibly essential ‘just incase’ items you need for the big day!

Get Yours At With Congratulations| $18.48


His & Hers Bridal Emergency Kit - Groom Wedding Day Survival Kit - Bridal Emergency Kit Bridesmaids Gift to Bride - FREE SHIPPING

5. His & Hers Emergency Kit


How much do you love these! Not only do we love the design the bright pink bag is a genius touch. It makes your emergency kit easy to spot from across a crowded reception hall. They do offer separate bride or groom kits but why when you could get both?!?!

Bridal Kit Contains: Cotton Swabs, Bobby Pins, Bandaids, Tampon, Earring Backs, Makeup Remover Wipes, Bug Repellent Wipes, Stain Removing Wipes, Deodorant Wipes, BodyTape – Double Sided Tape, Tissue Pack, Dental Floss, Pain Reliever Tablets, Mini Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Emery Board, Elastic Bands, Beauty Wedge Applicator, Breath Mints

Groom’s Kit Contains: Shoe Shine Wipes, Cool Multi Comb with bottle opener, Stain Remover Wipes, Cotton Swabs, Bug Repellent Wipes, Deodorant Wipes, Double Sided Tape, Dental Floss, Pain Reliever Tablets, Mini Sewing Kit (for the groom that always looses his buttons), Safety Pins & Breath Mints

Find Yours At Dreams By Kay | $47.50


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